American Revolutionary Time Machine #10 by Arthur Byron Cover

By Arthur Byron Cover

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Hogan grimaces. “No. That doesn’t sound like anyone I know. ” Hogn smiles. “Oh, that whippersnapper! He probably stole them from some Indian. Or from a relative who stole them from an Indian. Don’t know who he is, but he was right next to me a little while ago. He’s probably still chasing redcoats up the road a piece. ” “Thanks! ” you say, taking off out the door. You move up the road, past dead and wounded of both sides. The trees gradually thicken into another heavily wooded area, providing even more cover for the rebels.

You can jump out of this mess to some time when the fighting’s died down. Or you can stay here and help these people. Better decide quickly before you lose your chance. Stay here. Click here. Jump in time. Click here. ” The flamboyant officer, Lord Stirling, is leading what’s left of two hundred cavalrymen against an onslaught of British infantrymen and artillery fire, in an effort to break through their lines during the Battle of Brooklyn. The musket? Where is it? you wonder, though the answer is obvious: the musket is exactly where it should be.

Evidently you’ve convinced him. ” Two days! That’s a lot of time. Still, you’ve got to make a decision, one way or the other. Do you wait to see if the youth from the battle at Lexington arrives with 26 the rest of the forces in a few days, or do you backtrack to Concord, the day after the shooting at Lexington? Wait. Click here. Jump to Concord. Click here. ” you say to Benedict Arnold. You have just enough time to see Allen smile to himself before something hits you on the back of the head and you black out.

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