Alternatives to Cartography by Jeroen van Craenenbroeck

By Jeroen van Craenenbroeck

Within the Nineteen Eighties generative grammar famous that practical fabric is ready to undertaking syntactic constitution in conformity with the X-bar-format. This perception quickly resulted in a substantial elevate within the stock of useful projections. the fundamental notion at the back of this line of theorizing, which matches by means of the identify of cartography, is that sentence constitution may be represented as a template of linearly ordered positions, every one with their very own syntactic and semantic import. lately, notwithstanding, a few difficulties were raised for this strategy. for instance, sure mixtures of syntactic components can't be linearly ordered. In mild of such difficulties a few substitute debts were explored. a few of them suggest a brand new (often interface-related) set off for circulation, whereas others search substitute technique of accounting for numerous note order styles. those choices to cartography don't shape a homogeneous crew, nor has there to this point been a discussion board the place those rules will be in comparison and faced with each other. This quantity fills that hole. It deals a assorted and in-depth view at the place taken by way of a considerable variety of researchers within the box this present day on what's most likely probably the most hotly debated and debatable matters in present-day generative grammar.

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The structure in (11), to which (10) refers, contains the diacritic M that we have used in previous work to encode A’-movement, on a par with the slash notation in HPSG. )6 (10) (11) DoC Marking In (11) N2 is interpreted as the domain of contrast for XP. 22 Ad Neeleman, Elena Titov, Hans van de Koot and Reiko Vermeulen The proposal summarized in (10) and (11) entails that the examples in (6) and (7) differ as to whether or not the embedded subject is included in the domain of contrast. This is because both are movement structures and, given that the sister of the landing site of A’-scrambling is the domain of contrast, the status of the subjects in the examples in (6) differs from that of the subjects in the examples in (7).

The leading sentence in (13) sets up a context in which we are discussing the various things that his fellow workers have asked John for. In all three answers there is a shift in topic from the stapler to the ruler, identifying the latter as a contrastive topic. The set of elements out of which this contrastive topic is selected are those things that Peter – as opposed to other fellow workers of John’s – might have asked John for (this is because Peter is a contrastive focus). (21a) is a felicitous answer because nothing moves, and hence the domain of contrast for both topic and focus can be construed freely so as to fit the context.

As far as we can judge these matters, this pronunciation is very similar to what is found in English. ), the context in (13) and comparable ones below do not force the interpretations indicated, but merely favour them. All the contexts we use are based on implicit multiple WH-questions. , while in (16) below, it is What was eaten by whom? Answers to multiple WH-questions tend to be constructed in such a way as to line up the topic with the fronted WH-phrase and the focus with the in situ WH-phrase.

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