African World History Project: The Preliminary Challenge by Jacob H. Carruthers, Leon C. Harris (Editors)

By Jacob H. Carruthers, Leon C. Harris (Editors)

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All over the European world, the Negro Question has been rearranged or reformulated to fit the specific circumstances of the time and of the place. However, the Negro Question in substance never changes. 'This immediately paves the way for continuous dialogue between the twentieth century black slave and his white master. The black leaders who follow the American Principle of AngloSaxon supremacy and African inferiority are living examples of the white man's answer to the Negro Question. Their lifestyles stand as living proof that they are no longer African but American.

22 Enlarging upon the idea of Kemetic preeminence, Professor James continued: Egypt was the holy land of the ancient world; and the Mysteries were one, ancient and holy Catholic religion, whose power was supreme. The lofty culture system of Black people filled Rome with envy, and consequently she legalized Christianity which she 16. George G. M. James, Stolen Legacy (New York: George G. M. James, 1954), 160. 17. , 1. 18. , 7. 19. , 153. 20. , 154. 21. Ibid. 22. , 1. =) According to James, this is why the mysteries have been dispersed.

29 Any attempt to develop the call for an African reinterpretation of history, an African world view, or an international African philosophy will be attacked by the European and Asian intellectual armies from the left and the right. Both northern and southern Europe and central and easternAsia, whether they are communist or capitalist, socialist or Zionist, Christian or Moslem, need Africa to keep their quest for world dominion on track. They must have Africa! The Euro-Asians will stop at nothing to continue their propaganda warfare to transform Africans, that is, to "caucasianize" Africans, in order to trade, operate, and profit among Africans with facility.

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