Advances in Virus Research, Vol. 92 by Karl Maramorosch, Thomas Mettenleiter

By Karl Maramorosch, Thomas Mettenleiter

Released on account that 1953, Advances in Virus Research covers a various variety of in-depth reports, supplying a important assessment of the present box of virology.

  • Contributions from best authorities
  • Informs and updates on all of the most modern advancements within the field

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And to a proviral element in the genome of Haloferax volcanii (Roine & Oksanen, 2011). , 2010). The viral lipids of HHPV-1 are similar to those observed for HRPV-1, and the virus acquires them unselectively from the host. , 2010). A global survey of nine different hypersaline environments resulted in the isolation of four new pleomorphic viruses similar to HRPV-1 and HHPV-1 (Fig. , 2012). , 2012). Virion morphology was studied by cryoelectron microscopy and tomography revealing that all the viruses were roughly spherical and decorated with spikes having virion diameters from 40 to 70 nm (Fig.

Currently, STSV1 is the only lemon-shaped virus for which lipids have been detected by TLC. ATV has been considered to be related to STSV1, but does not seem to contain lipids. His1 on the other hand contains lipids only as protein modifications. Similar observations have been made among the helical archaeal viruses. The lipid-containing lipothrixviruses are suggested to have a common origin with rudiviruses, for which no lipids have been detected. This is reminiscent to PRD1-type of viruses (double-beta barrel MCP fold), which either do or do not contain a lipid membrane.

B) Protein profiles of purified His1 virions in a tricine-SDS-polyacrylamide gel stained with Coomassie blue for proteins (left panel), with Sudan Black for lipids and lipoproteins (middle panel), or first with Sudan Black and then with Coomassie blue (right panel). St indicates molecular mass markers (VP, for virion protein). , 2012). , 2009). , 2008; Reiter, 1987). , 2013). , 2013; Reiter, 1987). , 2009). However, as is the case in His1 virions, the MCP of SSV1 may be lipid modified, explaining the two bands in the gel and the virion flexibility.

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