Advances in Robot Kinematics: Mechanisms and Motion by Jadran Lenarcic, B. Roth

By Jadran Lenarcic, B. Roth

This publication provides the latest learn advances within the concept, layout, keep an eye on and alertness of robot platforms, that are meant for a number of reasons resembling manipulation, production, automation, surgical procedure, locomotion and biomechanics. the problems addressed are essentially kinematic in nature, together with synthesis, calibration, redundancy, strength keep watch over, dexterity, inverse and ahead kinematics, kinematic singularities, in addition to over-constrained platforms. equipment used comprise line geometry, quaternion algebra, screw algebra, and linear algebra. those tools are utilized to either parallel and serial multi-degree-of-freedom structures.

The booklet comprises fifty three independently reviewed papers of researchers specialising in robotic kinematics. The members are the main recognized scientists during this region. The papers were subdivided into the next sections: equipment in Kinematics, houses of Mechanisms, Humanoids and Biomedicine, research of Mechanisms, Workspace and function, layout of Mechanisms, movement Synthesis and Mobility.

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