Advanced Technical Ceramics by Shigeyuki Somiya (Eds.)

By Shigeyuki Somiya (Eds.)

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It is difficult to remove these pores by sinter­ ing. Therefore, to achieve a sintered body with high density, the most appropriate values for the diameter of the primary particles must obtain. 5 /zm. 2 3 For pulverized alumina, the manufacturers perform pulverization p r o ­ cesses a p p r o p r i a t e for each application. The degree of pulverization can be selected almost at will down to the diameter of the primary particles. 6. 5. 2. Zirconia Nagai and Yoshitaka Kimura Standard particle of aluminum hydroxide.

1979). Seramikkusu no kikaiteki seishitsu [Mechanical properties of ceramics]. Tokyo: Y ö g y ö Kyökai.

Boron nitride can also be synthesized in a high-pressure phase (cubic p h a s e ) , which is used as superabrasive grains, as is d i a m o n d . T h a t p h a s e , however, cannot be discussed h e r e . 3 4 a. PRODUCTION. A n h y d r o u s boric acid or borate (borax, for instance) is h e a t e d to 800° to 1000°C with ammonia, urea, or other nitrogen com­ p o u n d s , making the B N bond. A t this juncture, there are usually several m e a n s of controlling the reaction, such as using calcium p h o s p h a t e as a filler.

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