A Review of the Scientific Literature As It Pertains to Gulf by Grant N. Marshall

By Grant N. Marshall

Experiences that tension can produce myriad health and wellbeing results, and those results can happen themselves as signs and stipulations just like those who veterans record.

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Domestic worries, including concerns regarding separation from family and family-related problems, were another important source of stress reported by many Gulf War veterans. A final source of stress reported by veterans stems from widespread and unrelenting concerns about the possible negative health effects of Gulf War service. Even before the war ended, efforts began to examine potential health problems associated with Gulf War service. Ambiguity concerning the origins of health problems reported by some Gulf War veterans continues to this day, with media accounts and conflicting reports contributing to an on-going, stress-provoking climate of distrust, recrimination, and suspicion of government cover-ups and obstruction.

A person may experience ill health with no underlying disease. Conversely, the person may suffer from an underlying disease without perceiving himself or herself as ill. In certain circumstances and for certain individuals, stressful experiences can contribute to health problems. For the purpose of this review, we define stress as a real or perceived imbalance between environmental demands required for survival and an individual's capacity to adapt to these requirements. Circumstances that individuals perceive as stressful trigger an integrated series of responsesphysiological, behavioral, and psychologicalto adapt to the environmental demands.

In fact, according to the most recent DoD 2The term "ill-defined" is used in the ICD-9 classification system and refers to symptoms for which a clear diagnosis could not be established. Some of these symptoms are consistent with those considered to be functional or somatoform symptoms. Page 6 report on the CCEP (DoD, 1996), the following subgroups have been evaluated by the CCEP at a higher rate than their representation in the military population: female soldiers, African-Americans, those over 30 years of age and Army personnel.

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