A Medieval Castle by Gail Jarrow

By Gail Jarrow

Discusses medieval castles, why they have been equipped, who equipped them, how they have been developed, how they have been used, their deterioration, and their fix and recovery.

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Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1977. Using detailed drawings, this book follows the planning and construction of a castle in Wales in the thirteenth century. Beth Smith, Castles. New Read about everyday ghost Web York: Franklin Watts, 1988. castle life, siege warfare, and castle stories. org). This site contains information about parts of a castle and includes the architectural plans for actual castles. Explore castles around the world through color photographs and videos. Check out the kids' section.

A roof protected the defenders from attackers' arrows and rocks. Wet animal hides covered the hoarding roof to from attackers' flaming arrows. Wooden resist fire hoardings were temporary; they were put in when an attack was expected. Some castle builders later replaced wood hoardings with permanent stone strucplace tures that did not burn. Keeping Attackers Away Defenders used barriers to prevent attackers from getting Thorny hedges protected the base from climbers and diggers. Moats around the walls were up close to the castle walls.

Even if they did know, they could only stop Operating a Trebuchet Beam ^2> of rocks on the short end of the beam and a projectile held in a sling on the long end. When the rope holding the long end was released, the load of rocks dropped, swinging the beam forward and The trebuchet was operated using a load flinging the projectile. 58 Castles Under §iege them by digging from inside the castle and battling the sappers underground. The best way for into the tunnel defenders to prevent sapping was to build the castle on solid rock or to surround The Siege it with water.

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