A Guide to Airborne Weapons by David F. Crosby

By David F. Crosby

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Air 1 , fly designed to launch out- a low-level circuitous route to These design features increase both delivery survival in heavily in stealth cruise missile defenses and autonomously defended areas. To destroy the 000-pound warhead capable aircraft and missile target, the missile carries a of penetrating hard targets. The AGM-1 58 is low rate production. Employment Considerations: bomb damage lite-guided assessment more bombs bomb damage the weapons Precision guided difficult. of choice, munitions have With cruise missiles and no cockpit videos assessment.

To ignated target, the missile on a homes on the laser spot. The Hellfire laser spot projected onto the target by Hellfire missile will des- also guide ground observers or other aircraft, number of tactical engagement modes. uses the Longbow fire control radar system to enabling the missile to be used The Longbow The aircrew strike the in a locate targets. The Unmanned Central Agency Intelligence Vehicle Aerial destroyed ground targets in (CIA) has armed the Predator (UAV) with the Hellfire missile and successfully The armed Predator uses laser-guid- Afghanistan.

The resulting explo- sion creates a 200-square-meter crater. Employment Considerations: The BLU-107 exposing the delivery aircraft to antiaircraft requires a low-level release fire. While the BLU-107 requires a low-level release, release altitude of 300 parachute and orient If feet itself enemy aircraft level needs a minimum (AGL) to properly deploy its to the runway. the pilot drops the not prevent above ground it weapon too from using the far down the runway, the crater may strip. General Characteristics: Speed: Varies depending on release altitude.

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