21st century american english compendium : a portable guide by Marvin Rubinstein

By Marvin Rubinstein

Content material: 1. American spoken the following -- English understood -- 2. Proverbs, slogans, and aphorisms -- three. well known American expressions -- four. Proverbial commentaries -- five. Similes and metaphors indicating extremes -- 6. American slang and colloquialisms -- 7. British vs. American English (and vice versa) -- eight. all over the world English -- nine. international phrases and words often utilized in English -- 10. universal American felony phrases -- eleven. universal American clinical phrases -- 12. enterprise colloquialisms, slang and acronyms -- thirteen. Acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms -- 14. Acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms within the desktop, net and communications industries -- 15. From the place do you hail? -- sixteen. For the logo minded

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Nothing in life is certain but death and taxes. Best things come in small packages, The. Quality has nothing to do with size. Best things in life are free, The. LT. Do not be overly preoccupied Proverbs, Slogans, and Aphorisms 47 with money-making; simple pleasures such as air, sunshine, and laughter are more satisfying. Better late than never. It is better to be tardy than never to arrive at all; it is better to achieve something or complete a job late than never to have attempted it. : Fr. Il vaut tarde que jamais.

Apple a day keeps the doctor away, An. Living healthily helps one avoid illness. April showers bring May flowers. Do not worry about today’s negatives for tomorrow will be better. Army travels on its stomach, An. The most important part of a military maneuver is supplying food and equipment to the troops. As the sapling (twig) bends, so grows the tree. We are all products of our background and environment. : Ko. Jal jarul namu ddugnip butu anda. } As you sow so shall you reap. Everything we do has future repercussions for which we are responsible.

One should end every encounter or presentation with an impressive or amusing statement or action. Always tell the truth to your doctor and your lawyer. Selfexplanatory. Lying to them will almost always be detrimental to health and/or may cost more in the long run. : It. Al confessor, medico, Proverbs, Slogans, and Aphorisms 45 e avvocato, non si de’ tener il vero celato. } Anything worth doing is worth doing well. LT. Do not start a job or project unless you are willing to give it your maximum effort.

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