2-4-6-8 how do you communicate?: how to make your point in by Phillip Khan-Panni

By Phillip Khan-Panni

With examples and speech feedback, this publication offers a template for buying your element throughout in exactly a minute. the writer indicates the reader tips on how to clear out details and current proof successfully.

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I have conducted both exercises with several groups and never once seen two identical drawings reproduced. Nor have I heard a pen described sufficiently well to enable a blind person to understand what it was supposed to be or do. Both exercises are useful indicators of how difficult it is to put across a seemingly simple idea. In our day-to-day exchanges we probably assume that what we say is clearly understood, and that the idea we start with is accurately received by others. Often we use a kind of verbal shorthand that presumes a common vocabulary between ourselves and others.

Remember to keep your listeners on Track 150. ◆ Remember WIIFM and you won’t be boring. ◆ Make your point succinctly then let others speak ... and LISTEN. 49 Chapter 5 How Easily Do You Communicate? In this Chapter: ◆ common problems of interpretation ◆ the serious consequences of getting it wrong ◆ cultural differences can bring misunderstanding ◆ do you say it right? ◆ when they stop listening to what you’re saying ◆ the real test of your communication skills ◆ how to get others ready to accept what you say.

53 2-4-6-8 How do you Communicate? How many pieces of information do you think are included in that short sentence? One? Two? Try reading it aloud and think about what you have said. ) Now let me ask you five questions. I’d like you to answer every question using the same five words – all five of them each time. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Who was born in London? You weren’t really born in London, were you? Have you ever been to London? Were you born anywhere near London? Where were you born? If you were careful your answers should have been: 1.

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