100 Linux Tips and Tricks by Patrick Lambert

By Patrick Lambert

Convenient linux instructions to assist any process administrator

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For example if you want to access an ISA PnP sound card, you will need to compile sound as a module in the kernel, and use isapnptools before loading the module. 38 100 Linux Tips and Tricks Tip 7: Find hardware information When the Linux system boots, it will try to detect the hardware installed in the computer. It will then make a fake file system called procfs and will store important information about your system in it. You can get information about your system simply by browsing the directory /proc.

When you compile a file system in the kernel, all you need to do is use mount with the -t option and the right file system type. If you have compiled a driver for a file system as a module, then you need to load the module first. Here are a few of the available file systems: • msdos: This is the FAT file system used by DOS. • vfat: This is the FAT32 file system used by Windows 95 and Windows 98. • ext2: This is the default Linux file system. • iso9660: This is the default CD-ROM format. 41 100 Linux Tips and Tricks Tip 10: Can't mount root fs When you boot a system, this is an error that will halt the system.

Of course. The keyboard leds can be controlled by a device driver called the misc driver. That driver can control all kinds of misc things. You could write your own driver to make them blink or light up at any system event. html. That program will have them blink based on network usage. One will blink when packets go in, and the other when packets go out. 40 100 Linux Tips and Tricks Tip 9: Reading a foreign file system File systems are defined in the kernel. The kernel supports many file systems, but they need to be compiled in, or compiled as a module.

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